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A Leading Beauty Shop

Designer Brow & Beauty is setup by Mico and a team of dedicated Consultant that consistently providing good services & care to her group of customers that always want to be on their best look than others. Designer brow & Beauty mission is to provide services and products to enhance our client’s physical appearance to build their self-confidence. Designer Brow Beauty has a well-respected team of beauty therapists, our treatments include: Eyebrow embroidery, Threading / Tweezing, Eyebrow shaping, Lips Define & Lips Enhancement, Eyelash perming (Curl like Barbie Doll), Eyelash Extension, Whitening, Face lifting, pigmentation removal & control, Pimples removal & Control, Wrinkles removal & control, Control Sensitive Skin, H20 revitalize, Make-up ( Bridal / Dinner ),OPT, IPL, RF,LHE Treatment.We offer personal services with a full range of eyebrow embroidery, beauty and body therapy treatments at very affordable prices. We are here to ensure you receive the best treatment and are involved in continual development. This means you are offered the most up to date and cost effective services available.

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